Friday, May 3, 2013

I have had to raise the prices on my quilts.  In the past, I sold them either for what it cost me to make it, or what it cost to make it plus $20.  I thought this was fair as I was still learning and made a lot of mistakes.  Now that I have more experience, and this is kind of a side job for me, I need to start charging for my time.  I have gotten some complaints and I realize that it is expensive, but I spend many, many hours working on these quilts.  Basic prices are:

Tummy Time Blanket: $30
Baby Quilt: $40-60, depending on the size
Crib/Throw: $75-$100, depending on the size
Twin- $125
Full/Queen- $150

There may be an additional charge if your quilt has expensive specialty fabrics (like minky) or if there is a lot of applique.  I love to quilt and I really appreciate the references!  Thanks, guys!

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